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How It Work

Book in Just 2 Tabs

Search your destination and confirm    your ride

Get a Driver

On confirming the ride, the nearest       driver will accept your request.

Track Your Driver

Check the ETA of driver, with realtime   tracking.

Arrive safely

Reach your destination safe and secure with eryde.

About us

Trusted Cab Services in INDIA

Eryde Cab is a Noida, INDIA-based startup, whose mission is to provide reliable, timely, and safe cab services to the users.

Eryde Cab will provide complete taxi cab services using the latest equipment and technology to facilitate the travel of individuals. The startup products and services show that we are an innovative, forward-thinking startup that recognizes the need to move with ever-changing customer needs. At Eryde Cab, our philosophy is one that emphasizes service, and a realization that effective communication is a key component in our business. The startup also realizes that, in a competitive environment, flexibility and professionalism maintain that leading edge.


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Download Eryde App

Download the Eryde Cab App

Eryde cab app allows users or riders to hail cab drivers. The process is so simple, open the app, search for the destination, check the estimated fares, confirm your ride and one of our drivers will help you to get to your destination.


Download the Eryde Driver App

Eryde driver app is for cab drivers. With this app, drivers accept the request of riders and help them to get to their destination.

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